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Guild Rules
Guild Charter

Semper Dius stands for "Ever Divine". We are an 18+ Community based on the freedom of ideas. Ideas that involve you in the guild process; you are not forced to follow a reckless action without saying that it's wrong to do so. You will have your voice heard in every guild decision. For this we require you to have good English communication skills and common sense.

How do we work?

These are the guidelines that apply to all the members of Semper Dius. See if you agree with them. If not, then this may not be the right guild for you

Forums and Communications

• Don't offend anyone personally. If you really have a problem contact the Guild Leader, Community Manager or an Officer about the issue.
• Avoid double posting about the same subject. It's not a crime, it's just annoying.
• Keep spam in offtopic. Important forums and topics (guild discussions/information/profession boards) need to be kept clean. Think twice before posting in those boards. Spam/offtopic posting in these boards will result in a warning. When you're warned, don't expect a second warning but something else... (this has yet to happen - which means people understand the policy)
• Try to participate in most polls, they're the pounding heartbeat of this forum!
• This is a mature and respectful guild. Most of our players are 18+ so this means that at times people may be talking/typing about adult content. However please be respectful of other people.
• If you are in doubt whether you should make a particular post, say something in vent, or type in guildchat: use common sense and you'll know what to do.

Forums and Game Activity

• When you have been 5 days inactive you'll be flagged for inactivity. If we don't hear anything from you after another 2 days, you'll be removed from the guild without warning. You're responsible for your own activity - it doesn’t take much to drop us a line and make an Absence.
Checking the forum every few days is not difficult. It doesn't take much time to log in whilst it keeps you up to date with the Community. Playing in game is another matter so if you know you cant be on for a while say so in Absences.
• If you need to be away from the guild for any reason, please make a post in the Absences thread. We know Real Life(TM) rears its ugly head more than we would like. Semper Dius is accommodating of these occurrences for members who let us know. Just don't forget to also let us know when you are back!
• For veteran guild members who need an extended leave of absence, we allow you to take a sabbatical. This will be reviewed by the Community Manager. When on a sabbatical you must give up your position on the roster until such time as you feel you can return to full guild life. Please make sure you keep in contact where possible when you are on Sabbatical.
• Our forum is the main source of communication, this is why we require you to check the forum regularly and participate in polls. You don't have to lurk 24/7, a quick check when you boot your pc takes 2 mins out of your day at most.

In-Game Events

There will be Guild events, posted by the Guild Leader or Officers. Your attendance for these events is often expected though not all are mandatory. You should sign up using the appropriate forum thread.
• Start Times may often be staggered to take into account people's time zones -
• You should be available for a reasonable amount of time on events nights - we don't ask you to stay up to 1am, but you should be grown up enough not to have a parent chasing you at 11pm...
• Voice communication is mandatory. If you do not like to speak, but follow orders then you should at the very minimum be listening. If you do want to talk it is strongly suggested that you have Push to Talk enabled.

Respect and dealing with 'issues'.

Issues will inevitably arise in any guild from time to time. Please respect one another and deal with things in a mature fashion. If you need to escalate something, then tell the Guild Leader or an Officer.

The Guild's guideline is: Use Common Sense. If all common sense abandons you and you react in a way that either offends someone or impacts the guild in any way, then it will be looked at by the GM or an Offier.

Ideally we will be able to talk things through, however as a structured guild we need sanctions in place to accommodate any possible extreme behaviour.

The sanctions that are available to the Officers/Guild Leader/Community Manager are:

1) You are given an official warning, and your future conduct / attendance / contribution (as applicable) will monitored for a specified period.
2) Your privileges may be reduced for a brief period.
3) You will be removed from the Guild.

These are simple rules, with simple outcomes - you signed up to the Guild knowing it is semi-hardcore and we expect that kind of dedication.

Profession Requirements

Unlike other MMOGs, Guild Wars 2s archetypes are entirely independent, with the removal of clear defined classes (tank/dps/healer). As a result, all classes are able to confidently fill any role. That isn’t to say that Semper Dius will allow for a Guild entirely made up of Thief’s (for example), but it does offer a greater level of flexibility to what people play. Inevitably, we are happier knowing you are playing a class that A) You love and B) You are good with.

Should you find yourself wishing to play a class that we already have a significant number of, please do not feel you cannot apply. There is always room for enthusiastic and skilled individuals.

What is required from you!

Semper Dius offers you a lot as a Community. For that all we ask is that you try be active and attend guild events. This doesn't mean you have to have no life to maintain your position in the guild! Also you must be able to take criticism. Criticism is never negative, it's constructive advice which enables you and the Guild to become even better. Being mature and using common sense is very important.


• Your PC / Laptop should meet the minimum specifications of Guild Wars 2 (to be announced) - Ideally they should be well over these to enhance your enjoyment and reduce any system related problems.
• You will need a Headset/Microphone as voice communications feature heavily in our day to day game life.