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Semper Dius in GW2 update

Haldir / Sep 12, 2013
Recently we announced that our GW2 division would merge with FSV. Together they found the new Guild Dius Vanguard [DiVa]. Everything has been going well for them and the increase in activity for both Guilds was a very welcome change.

Over the past few days Mizaki has been toying with the website to see the available options for this merge. It turned out that Shivtr did not support several divisions in a community as well as we would've hoped. This wasn't really news to us but we tried it anyway with high hopes that it would work out.

Sadly enough it didn't suffice. So together with the FSV leaders the decision was made to make a new website. Click here to go to the website. With this change the time of Semper Dius as a Guild in GW2 is completely over. All our members are welcome to play with the new merger Guild but the division doesn't exist anymore in Semper Dius.

The GW2 boards on our forums will be archived and the members from FSV who joined our website for DiVa will see their accounts removed. I see this as a necessity since they aren't really a part of Semper Dius, they didn't have to go through the recruitment and probably aren't too bothered about the community. If they are interested they are free, like everyone, to post an application.
Everyone who currently had the GW2 Division rank will see this changed to Community Member or Inactive depending on their activity. Everyone who joined before the merge will remain a Dius member of course.

More changes will happen in the near future but not right away. The main thing will be the website lay-out(s) which we are discussing now. Another thing that I'm going to have a look at is the Admin rights of our leading members. As everyone knows I wasn't amused by what happened so I'm going to review this and decide who needs the rights and limit it.

FF XIV will be the only game for which we have a Division now so applications for them are still open. We remain active in other team based games as well and are looking forward to new releases such as Everquest Next, The Elder Scrolls Online and Camelot Unchained for the MMO's and games like Battlefield 4 and Star Citizen for other genres.

So stay tuned for more updates in the future.

Community Manager


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