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Semper Dius in GW2 update

The "end" of another nice chapter in the Dius history
Welcome to Our Online Gaming Community!

Semper Dius is a Player-versus-Player-focused Online gaming Community. Currently we are not fully invested in any game, we are waiting for the next big releases.

Regardless of which game you play, the Community (which is 18+) bases itself on the freedom of ideas; we involve you in the guild process. You are not forced to follow a reckless action without saying that it's wrong to do so. You will have your voice heard in every guild decision.

Originally formed in 2007 we have continued to grow as a community having been one of the most prominent European guilds within Warhammer Online, Aion, RIFT and recently Guild Wars 2. To cover the time between the different main games we played and to ensure activity we kept in touch on our forums and vent as well as by playing games such as Team Fortress, League of Legends, Tribes Ascend, CIV 5, Blacklight Retribution, Path of Exile, Diablo and many more.

If you are interested in joining Semper Dius, feel free to leave your application on our boards. However, please do take the time to read the "Read Me First!" and existing applications; first impressions count!

Contact Details
You can visit our public forum and ask away or add HaldirQ to your Steam for all your questions and enquiries.
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